What is the wonder Cup?
This year we are pleased to introduce a brand new addition to the Wonder League Robotics Competition (WLRC): The Wonder Cup.

Geared toward more experienced coders, the Wonder Cup will test your hardware skills while teaching you how to augment Dash with additional physical sensors as well as Python code. If you have a desire to solve a single, open-ended challenge using Dash and custom hardware, this competition is for you. If you are looking for a series of challenges, presented as a story, then check out the Wonder League Robotics Competition Innovator and Pioneer Cups . Now, on to our challenge.

the challenge

Create a custom hardware accessory for Dash that enables Dash to reliably follow a line on the ground. We'll provide a track that can be printed on a standard household printer, a list of suggested hardware item to purchase from our contest partner Adafruit , and a series of guides created by the Wonder Workshop engineering team. The winning solution will be the one which enables Dash to complete a full lap on the track the fastest.

Check out the Rules page for more details.

Why line following?

Line following is a classical problem in robotics, and can be successfully implemented in many different ways. As such, it's a great challenge for robotics enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels. Line-following competitions are even part of university-level robotics programs, as seen in the video below.

How much does it cost?

Registering for the Wonder Cup is FREE.

You will need to own or purchase either a Dash or Cue robot. Once you've registered for the competition you will gain access to a special 15% discount code to the Wonder Workshop online store .

In addition to the robot, it will be necessary to purchase some electronics to build the line-following accessory. The total cost of materials beyond the robot will likely be $80-$100 for a successful implementation. Adafruit has partnered with us for this contest and is offering a 15% discount for all participants. The Adafruit discount code will be made available to you after you register for the contest. Please check the Dashboard for the discount codes once you are logged in.


The Winner will receive:
1) A commemorative Cup with your Team name engraved on it
2) A $250 gift certificate to the Wonder Workshop Online Store


It's important to note that participation in the Wonder Cup will not have any impact on the scoring of challenges in the Pioneer Cup or Innovator Cup in the Wonder League Robotics Competition. Also, participation in those Cups will not have any impact on the scoring of this Wonder Cup submission.