Wonder Cup
how do i get started?

How to join the competition

1) Sign up here for free.
2) Once you've signed up, create your Account profile. If you're the team captain, you will indicate that in your profile.
3) Then, go to the Dashboard available to logged-in participants. The Dashboard will have discount codes for the Wonder Workshop online store and for our partner, Adafruit's store.
4) On the dashboard, you'll also find a series of Guides. They'll point you in the right direction.
5) Start building.

suggested prerequisites

The guides and hardware presented on this site all use the Python programming language. Prior experience programming in the Python language is suggested, but not required. Previous experience with any programming language and basic concepts such as variables, loops, and functions is highly recommended.

How to win

The winning entry will be the one in which Dash completes a lap on the track provided by Wonder Workshop in the shortest time.

The engineering team at Wonder Workshop has prepared a series of guides to guide participants through each stage of the development and testing process. These guides are meant to suggest steps that can be followed to arrive at a successful solution, however there is no requirement that they be followed. In fact, we encourage participants to produce creative solutions entirely unlike ours.

Like real-life engineering challenges, the best solutions will be developed through several iterations of design and testing. As such, the submission window will be open through mid-January, and we suggest each team make several submissions throughout the duration of the contest. Your final submission on January 14 will be the one we evaluate.

We'll update the Leaderboard page on this website several times per week with the top entries so that all participants are aware of the lap times of the best solutions. This can motivate teams to further improve your designs, reduce the lap-time, and resubmit.

A submission requires a video of Dash completing a full lap in real-time and a zip file containing the code you used. We'd also like to see a photo showing the hardware design of the line-following sensor accessory used in the video.

What do i win?

The Winner will receive:
1) A commemorative Cup with your Team name engraved on it
2) A $250 gift certificate to the Wonder Workshop Online Store